Art of Rave with Ez Quew & DJ SunB #92

Art of Rave Episode 92

About This Episode

Get ready for another exhilarating episode of “Art of Rave” as we present Episode 92, featuring a dynamic duo that will set the dance floor on fire: Ez Quew and DJ SunB. Prepare yourself for a sonic journey fueled by their infectious energy and unparalleled mixing prowess. Ez Quew, known for his seamless blend of deep house and groovy tech beats, joins forces with DJ SunB, a master of progressive house and melodic techno. Together, they curate a mesmerizing set that seamlessly transitions between genres, creating a captivating sonic landscape that will keep you moving from start to finish. In this episode, you can expect a handpicked selection of cutting-edge tracks, exclusive remixes, and hidden gems that will ignite your senses and transport you to a state of pure euphoria. So mark your calendars, lock in the frequency, and get ready to surrender to the irresistible beats of Ez Quew and DJ SunB. “Art of Rave: Episode 92” is set to be an unmissable musical experience that will leave you craving for more. Tune in and let the journey begin!